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Concrete Tool Rentals

At Prairie ICF, in addition to stocking common Nudura products, we carry a wide variety of rental items to help your next ICF project. Call us today for pricing.

ICF Bracing Rentals

We also offer rentals for specialty ICF bracing and bracing extensions.

  • Nudura® Bracing – All steel components including c-channel (available in 8′, 10′ or 12′ lengths), adjustable turnbuckle, scaffold bracket, handrail post, and pins to connect all components.


Spaced at 5′ to 6′ o/c, these braces keep the wall plumb, allowing the installer to adjust/straighten the wall after concrete is poured, and provide a safe working platform near the top of the wall. Bracing is normally shipped in crates for ease of storage/handling.

  • Bracing Extensions – Solid metal extensions are used in conjunction with Nudura’s® Bracing. Simply remove the pin from the adjustable turnbuckle, insert the Bracing Extensions between the upper and lower sections of the turnbuckle and pin back together at desired length. Can be used for Tall Walls up to 20’+ in height.
  • Hot Knife – Quickly cut through EPS foam with NO MESS! Along with the straight cutting blade, this unit also includes a depth guide & bendable blade that can be adjusted at site for multiple cutting profiles/depths. Carrying case included. Great for creating channels for electrical wire/boxes!
  • Concrete Vibrator – Electric corded vibrator with 1″ head and 11′ long whip helps ensure proper concrete consolidation without placing excessive pressure on forms.
  • Rebar Bender/Cutter – This heavy-duty unit can cut/bend 10M or 15M rebar on-site to suit building specifications.
  • Form Aligner Turnbuckles – These adjustable braces work well for shorter walls where scaffold is not required. Simply fasten Form Aligner to dimensional lumber then secure to wall/ground. After concrete is poured turnbuckle can be rotated to adjust/straighten wall.
  • Nudura® One-Series Jig – For assembly of Nudura® One-Series Product. Place Multi-Link Ties in slots of jig, align plywood with tabs, and secure with 2″ Nudura® screws.
  • Nudura® One-Series Plywood – Coated form-ply can be re-used for successive projects. Panels are 18″x96″ with pre-drilled holes to match size of Nudura® EPS panels and location of attachment points on Multi-Form Ties.
  • Flir C2 Thermal Imaging Camera – Easily spot missing insulation, hot water lines/drain lines in walls/floors, water leaks, hot/overloaded electrical circuits, etc. in a non-invasive manner. Easy to use point-and-shoot camera requires little/no training. Pictures can be saved to computer/USB for future reference.

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