We pride ourselves on offering a high level of service throughout the construction process, including, but not limited to:

Design Assistance

We can work with your designer/architect before a plan is even finalized to help eliminate potential problem areas or improve the design to best suit NUDURA's® products.  Simply arrange a meeting with our sales staff to discuss details, design, product options, etc. to ensure you are getting the most quality at the best price.  Once a preliminary set of plans are drawn, send them to our office and we can revise measurements to best fit NUDURA's® product size.  Although any building dimension can be met with NUDURA, this early planning can reduce construction time, virtually eliminate waste, and improve overall building quality control.  These services are offered at NO CHARGE!       


We regularly offer classroom training sessions to show proper techniques when building with NUDURA.  These have been attended by builders, owners, architects/engineers, and building officials with very positive responses from all attendees.  Please contact our office for upcoming training dates.  Additional site inspections are required to become a NUDURA® Trained Installer.  We provide these inspections at no charge. 

Stocking Dealer

We keep a large inventory of common NUDURA® items in stock.  As such, we are often able to supply material on short notice (sometimes same day).  To ensure proper inventory we typically ask for 1 week notice when possible.  Custom order products may require 3-4 weeks lead time.   


We have several custom made trailers/trucks specifically designed for hauling NUDURA® products.  We can ship directly to site from our stock or from NUDURA's manufacturing facility for larger orders.  Our picker truck makes loading/unloading bracing at site easy with NUDURA's storage crates.   

Material Storage

Ample warehouse space at our office means most material is stored inside and protected from the elements, ensuring you receive product in the best possible condition.  Separate heated storage is used for products where freezing is not permitted.

On-site Support

Once your NUDURA project begins you can rest assured knowing that our experienced staff are available to help answer any questions, provide additional on-site training, or conduct pre-pour inspections prior to concrete placement.  Being in the industry for over a decade and focusing solely on Insulated Concrete Forms, we have seen a wide variety of building types/designs and have the experience to help you as you undertake a commercial or residential NUDURA project.     

Follow-up Support

After the walls are poured, we stay available to not only our customers, but also any sub-trades working on the building.  Feel free to pass our contact information on to additional trades that will be on-site. 


Prairie ICF offers a line of specialty rental tools, bracing, etc. geared specifically to the ICF/concrete industry.  See our RENTAL page for a full list of items available.