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Nudura’s One Series is a unique, multi-link form that provides unparalleled versatility for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) projects. It allows for easy creation of wall assemblies with an exposed concrete surface on one side and insulation on the other. The One Series also features DURAMAX Technology, which includes the largest standard form in the industry at 8 feet long and 18 inches high, allowing for the placement of 12 sq. ft of wall area in one step.


The One Series Form is designed to save labor by eliminating the need to strip foam for elevator shafts, stairwells, and other areas that don’t require insulation. This makes it perfect for home builders who want to create swimming pools, architectural concrete walls, or projects that require full access to thermal mass. Its innovative design has only two small connection points per web, which can be easily covered or left exposed to create a symmetrical feature wall. The final result is a smooth interior or exterior surface.

How Does it Work?

The One Series Form utilizes a combination of traditional forming methods and ICF technology. Nudura provides all the necessary materials, including webs, form ply, screws, and a specially designed jig, to make assembly quick and easy. The form ply sheets are pre-drilled, allowing for fast and easy assembly to the desired form combination. The One Series Form can be used in conjunction with Standard Panels, Taper Top Forms, or Brick Ledge Forms, depending on the project requirements. Once the job is complete, the form ply panels can be stripped, cleaned, and reused, reducing waste and cost.

  • Industry’s first multi-link form
  • Reduced labor – no need to strip forms
  • Design versatility
  • Standard form sizes from 4”-12”
  • Full line of ICF product accessories from Waterproof material to bracing
  • Access to full on-site technical support through a dedicated distributor network
Insulated Concrete Forms Price
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