Nudura is an ideal choice for a smarter, faster and more efficient building construction. Nuduras insulated concrete forms use innovative technology to make the entire process easier, while also providing superior and consistent quality. Nudura ICFs are a type of building material that have their own exclusive innovations. They give builders the edge in terms of efficiency when constructing residential buildings or structures.


Nudura ICF
Nudura offers several product features that are not available with many other Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) on the market, including:

DURAFOLD Technology
Nudura ICF forms are shipped fully assembled with a special hinged-web design that allows them to fold flat, which cuts down on transportation costs and storage space while reducing the risk of product damage. They are also wrapped in plastic to protect against environmental factors such as wind, snow, and UV rays.

DURAMAX Technology
Nudura’s panels have a large size of 18” x 96” which makes it the perfect choice when time and costs are an issue. This can significantly reduce project times, allowing for faster completion at a lower cost.

DURALOK Technology
Nudura’s fastening strips are 18 inches in height and spaced 8 inches apart on centre, with a patented locking mechanism at the top and bottom. Forms are locked together during installation, eliminating the need for additional tying, gluing, etc., ensuring floating and compression are virtually eliminated during concrete placement. Additionally, the full height fastening strips provide continuous attachment points for both interior and exterior finishes.

4-Way Reversible Interlock
Nudura’s forms can be cut and placed in any manner, minimizing on-site waste. The lack of left or right corners and the dual-support web design makes for efficient use of labor and materials, allowing project schedules and budgets to be met easily.

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