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Nudura is a global leader in the design and manufacture of ICF products and accessories for various structures, including residential, commercial, medical, and educational buildings. Their products enable contractors and developers to speed up the building process, reduce waste, and create architectural impact.

Nudura’s wide range of products and accessories offer excellent energy efficiency, strength, a healthier indoor environment, and reduced maintenance costs over their lifetime compared to traditional building methods. All of their ICF products, including their patented DURAFOLD™, DURAMAX™, DURALOK Technology™ and 4-Way Reversible system, have been used throughout North America for homes, schools, and medical facilities. Additionally, Nudura offers panel ICF products for different building scenarios, providing easy installation and ensuring the project meets design requirements.

What is an ICF Foundation?

An ICF foundation is a type of foundation used in construction that is made of insulated concrete forms (ICFs). ICFs are hollow blocks or panels made of insulating foam that are filled with concrete to create a strong and energy-efficient building foundation. They are often used as an alternative to traditional poured concrete foundations and are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires.

  • Patented Technology
  • Standard form sizes from 4”-12”
  • Factory – Custom Cut Radius Forms
  • Nudura Panels for building versatility
  • R-Value of 24 with Thermal mass properties of up to R-50
  • Full line of ICF product accessories from Waterproof material to bracing.
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