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In Floor Heating

When it comes to getting in floor heating for your home, there are many options. A hydronic in floor heating system is considered the best option because it is energy efficient, providing consistent and uniform heat throughout the space. It also allows for individual room temperature control and can be integrated with a building’s overall heating and cooling system for optimal efficiency. Additionally, as it does not rely on electricity, it can be a good option for off-grid or emergency heating scenarios.


By evenly distributing heat throughout the entire floor area, HYDROFOAM® maximizes radiant insulation for residential projects, creating a more comfortable living and working environment for homeowners.

Nudura continues to innovate in the market with their line of Insulated Concrete Forms, including the introduction of HYDROFOAM®. This product simplifies the installation process of radiant heat insulation, as it is faster and easier to install compared to traditional methods that require multiple steps. The 4’ x 4’ (1.2 m x 1.2 m) boards, which come in 2 1/2” (64 mm) or 4″ (100 mm) thickness, are easily installed with an overlapping interlock on all four sides, ensuring a secure fit during installation. Furthermore, HYDROFOAM® boasts a 360° multi-directional friction fit anchor system for pipe placement, eliminating the need for wire mesh and allowing for easy placement of radiant heat piping in any direction.

ICF Floor Systems

When it comes to ICF floor systems, HYDROFOAM® is a lightweight, high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) radiant heat insulation product that offers fast installation, flexibility in cutting to fit any angle or radius, and insulation value of up to R-16. The product is available in two thicknesses, both of which serve as a vapor and radon barrier, eliminating the need for additional taping of seams or poly.

  • Insulation under the concrete slabs
  • 4′ x 4′ (1.2m x 1.2m) molded boards
  • Only 4″ (100mm) from base to nubs
  • Available thicknesses: R-10 (RSI 1.76, U-value 0.57), 3″ (76mm) – R-12.6 (RSI 2.22, U-value 0.45), 4″ (100mm) – R-16 (RSI 2.82, U-value 0.35)
  • Multi-directional anchoring
  • Compatible with 1/2″ (13mm) and 5/8″ (16mm) diameter radiant tubing
  • Radiant tube spacing is based on 3″ (76mm) increments
  • Shiplap/interlocking on all 4 sides
  • Eco-friendly – No CFCs of HCFCs
  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistant to water and moisture
  • Qualifies as low emitting materials****Conforms to LEED 4.1 CPDH testing standards.
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Nudura HYDROFOAM Price
Looking for a Nudura HYDROFOAM price estimate to get an ICF floor system for your home or business? Contact us today for a quote and experience the benefits of fast and easy installation, flexibility in cutting to fit any angle or radius, and insulation value of up to R-16!