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Nudura recognizes the significance of a comprehensive building envelope and offers energy-efficient building materials that complement their Insulated Concrete Form Wall, ensuring the most energy-efficient home possible. For optimal energy savings, the integration of energy-efficient materials is a crucial aspect of good design. Nudura’s HOMEGA ceiling insulation paired with retrofit insulation to complete the building envelope and enhance energy efficiency. Using these energy-efficient building materials results in significant savings on utility bills.


HOMEGA® ceiling insulation is a quick and economical high performance insulation solution for insulating ceilings in homes.

  •  Two layers of foam, reinforced with embedded wood strapping completes the building envelope for efficient insulation.
  • Greatly reduces air infiltration helping to achieve an air-tight structure.
  • Used in a double layer, it further reduces thermal bridging, increasing energy efficiency and comfort in your home.
  • Can be used in a single layer in conjunction with batt/blown-in insulation to achieve a high R-value and maintain a well-sealed building envelope.
  • Foam doesn’t contain CFC’s or HCFC’s making it safe for a variety of applications such as retro-fitting non-insulated floors, walls and ceilings for cottages, homes and garages.
  • 100% recyclable*

*Depending on local services available

Newer building codes worldwide in recent years have called for higher insulation values and better air tightness in building envelopes. HOMEGA® ceiling insulation can help you meet these requirements.

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