Our company began with a very simple goal - Jesse and Jennifer Primeau wanted to build a home for themselves on their farm near Speers, SK.  A decision was made for their home to be not only functional and appealing in both space and appearance, but also have an increased level of efficiency incorporated into the design and construction.  After much research and discussion they were leaning toward straw-bale construction for the walls of their home.  That was until a conversation with Jennifer's cousin, who specialized in energy efficient construction in Ontario.  He advised that ICF is a superior alternative to other building products for not only insulating quality, but also strength, sound and fire resistance, longevity, etc.  Of the many ICF products on the market, NUDURA was the brand he recommended for product features, as well as manufacturing quality.

As the construction of Jesse and Jennifer's home progressed they saw real promise in the field of ICF construction and felt other homeowners/builders could benefit from better access to NUDURA's products.  After much discussion with each other and various NUDURA representatives, a decision was made to grant Jesse and Jennifer distribution rights for Northern Saskatchewan.  In 2005 they incorporated a company, PR Sustainable Homes, which ran from their farm for a year, then relocated into a warehouse in North Battleford.  The company saw rapid growth in the first few years as ICF technology slowly became more well-known and NUDURA's products grabbed a foothold in the Saskatchewan building market.

In 2013, the decision was made to re-locate once again to Martensville, SK.  This would better situate the company in a more centralized location within our distribution area and help to better serve our customer base.  As the ICF industry advanced and pushed beyond the residential market and into the commercial sector, we underwent a name change to better reflect our position in the market and our focus on continuing to advance the ICF market in Saskatchewan.  Thus, Prairie ICF was born!  This name was chosen to reflect not only our commitment to ICF construction (both residential and commercial), but also the unique needs that we face when building in the Canadian Prairies. 

Further changes to Prairie ICF were made in 2018 when a long-term employee, Tyler Dagenais, became a Co-owner. The unique combination of skills and experience that Jesse & Tyler bring to our company (along with our awesome staff!) ensure that our customers will continue to receive the highest quality products & services for years to come.

2020 will mark our FIFTEENTH YEAR as a NUDURA Distributor.  In this time, Insulated Concrete Forms evolved from an obscure technology that was little known even within the construction industry, to a mainstream product for small and large scale construction.  We have benefited over the years from a strong customer base and excellent staff to become a leader in the ICF market in Saskatchewan.  As the years passed we have been involved with countless projects, from small residential builds to some of the largest ICF structures in the entire province.  

We look forward to continuing to work with owners and building professionals in the years ahead!