NUDURA understands the importance of a fully integrated building envelope. NUDURA provides energy efficient building materials that integrate with their Insulated Concrete Form Wall to give you the most energy efficient home possible. To ensure the home you build saves the maximum amount of energy, integrating energy efficient building materials is a key aspect to any good design. NUDURA® Ceiling and Floor Technology complete the building envelope, maximizing a home's energy efficiency. Utilizing these energy efficient building materials results in greater savings on your utility bill.

Energy efficient building materials also provide more than savings. By utilizing NUDURA® Ceiling and Flooring Technology you will not only be saving money, but you will increase the comfort of your home.

NUDURA® Ceiling Technology

NUDURA® Ceiling Technology is a quick and economical high performance insulation solution for insulating ceilings in homes. 

  • Two layers of foam, reinforced with embedded wood strapping completes the building envelope for efficient insulation.

  • Greatly reduces air infiltration helping to achieve an air-tight structure.

  • Used in a double layer, it further reduces thermal bridging, increasing energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

  • Can be used in a single layer in conjunction with batt/blown-in insulation to achieve a high R-value and maintain a well-sealed building envelope.

  • Foam doesn’t contain CFC’s or HCFC’s making it safe for a variety of applications such as retro-fitting non-insulated floors, walls and ceilings for cottages, homes and garages.

  •  100% recyclable*


Recent changes to building codes throughout the world over the past two years are now demanding increases in building envelope insulation values as well as improvements in overall building air tightness. With NUDURA®Ceiling Technology these can be achieved.


*Depending on local services available