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Looking to build a home that’s energy efficient and extra strong? Look no further! ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) from Prairie ICF provides high-performance insulation, superior strength, and ensures an air-tight seal.

Nudura ICF Series

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Nudura Plus Series

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Nudura One Series

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Nudura Hydrofoam

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Nudura Homega Ceiling

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Nudura Homega Retrofit

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ICF Applications

Browse the various residential ICF applications to get an idea of how ICF can be in residential homes, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and durability.

Look through our portfolio of commercial ICF applications and learn how ICF can enhance energy efficiency and durability in commercial buildings.

Get inspired with our portfolio of ICF specialty projects. Browse through ICF swimming pools and spas, retaining walls and more.

ICF Construction

ICF construction is a building method in which insulated forms made of foam insulation are used as a permanent interior and exterior structure for poured concrete walls. The forms are typically made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and are held in place with steel or plastic ties while the concrete is poured, creating a monolithic (seamless) structure with high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Why Use Prairie ICF?

We offer regular classroom training sessions throughout the year as well as access to Nudura’s no charge Online Training platform.  Either option is a great way to familiarize yourself with the product line for installers, owners, designers, and building officials.

Once your Nudura project starts, you can be confident that our experienced staff is available to assist with any questions, offer additional on-site training, or conduct pre-pour inspections before concrete placement. With over a decade in the industry and a focus exclusively on Insulated Concrete Forms, we have extensive experience in various building types and designs, and are well-equipped to help you with your commercial or residential Nudura project.

We maintain a substantial stock of frequently used Nudura® items. This allows us to frequently supply materials on short notice, sometimes even the same day. To ensure adequate inventory, we usually request one week’s notice when possible. Custom-ordered products may take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

We maintain a large rental fleet of specialty tools required when building with ICF including bracing options for various wall heights, concrete vibrator, rebar bender, and several others.

We have several custom-built trailers and trucks specifically for transporting Nudura® products. We can deliver directly to your location from our inventory or from Nudura’s manufacturing facility for larger orders. Our picker truck makes loading and unloading bracing at the site convenient using Nudura’s storage crates.

Ample warehouse space at our office means most material is stored inside and protected from the elements, ensuring you receive product in the best possible condition.  Separate heated storage is used for products where freezing is not permitted.

After the walls are poured, we stay available to not only our customers, but also any sub-trades working on the building.  Feel free to pass our contact information on to additional trades that will be on-site.



ICF Building Systems

Our advanced ICF building system is packed with top-of-the-line features and materials that make construction easier, faster, and more energy-efficient. Spend less time worrying about messy concrete forms, batt insulation and vapour barrier, and enjoy the strength, security, and energy savings of a Prairie ICF building system today!